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SMSF Audits

GPS provides Self Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) audit services to accountants, trustees, and financial planners throughout Australia.  We are committed to providing you with a service that meets your needs.  Our flexibility and adaptability ensure we help you get the best results.  We are registered with ASIC and are members of the SMSF Association. 

How we assist Accountants and Administrators

GPS through its principal Gary Smith has a long-standing reputation for providing efficient, effective, and truly independent audit support for accountants and administrators in the audit of SMSFs.  We focus on building relationships with accounting practices and administrators that deliver success. 

Benefits of using GPS:

  • GPS is a truly independent firm.  We do not provide accounting or tax services and therefore your client relationship is protected.  
  • We provide high quality affordable SMSF Audits.  We offer both fixed fee and tailored fee arrangements.  Fees are competitive and determined in consultation with you and dependent on both the number and complexity of the funds you require to be audited.   
  • We provide guidance on audit and compliance requirements in the form of checklists and designated forms for trustee declarations and disclosures.
  • Being members of the SMSF association, we stay up to date with training.  In addition, Gary holds a SMSF Specialist Auditor designation with the Association.  Our audits are performed in accordance with the professional obligations of approved SMSF auditors as required by the SSA which includes adherence to the Australian Auditing Standards; the competency standards in ASIC Class order 12/1687 and the independence requirements of APES 110.  
  • We are always looking for new and improved ways to achieve efficiency in our audits.  We have streamlined our procedures and practices, reducing the time our experts spend on administrative duties, so we can concentrate on giving your clients’ portfolio the attention they deserve
  • GPS works with clients to resolve issues and deal with potential breaches in an open communication environment prior to issuing any contraventions.  GPS utilises Heffron for specialist advice when required.
 Self Management Superannuation Funds

How we assist Trustees

All SMSF’s are required to be audited by an approved auditor under the Superannuation Industry Supervisory Act 1993.

The audit of a SMSF begins with a financial audit of the fund. This is done to establish that the financial report is fairly stated and not materially misstated. The financial audit is completed together with a SMSF compliance audit which assesses your SIS compliance.  We work with our trustees to resolve issues and deal with any potential breaches. To do this we will always communicate in an open with you, prior to issuing any contraventions.

Our goal is to add value beyond the audit report.  GPS can provide general advice and could refer any specific issues arising on individual funds, if necessary, to an external specialist.  We work with trustees and the accountants to achieve fast, reliable and cost effective SMSF Audit services.

We are unable to both prepare and audit SMSFs financial statements.  We do have business partners who can assist in this space.  If we can connect you with the right people we will.

Why choose GPS Audit Assurance?

  • Fast turnaround time.  
  • Several of the processes are automated.  These procedures reduce client’s paperwork and time in handling audit documentation
  • Peace of mind that your SMSF audits are being handled by a qualified SMSF Auditor
  • We perform the audit in accordance with the Australian Auditing Standards
  • We maintain proper compliance standards under the ATO guidelines.  
  • On-shore – all audits are completed in Australia. 

Speak to us about SMSF audits today

Get in touch with our SMSF auditors today by calling 0417 710 496. We work with accountants, administrators, and trustees to achieve fast, reliable and cost effective SMSF Audit services.  Got questions? Feel free to reach out and we will happily provide further information. 

We can help you or your clients with any of your company audit needs. We are also available to discuss your business views and concerns. Contact us for more information, it's obligation free.

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